About Us

Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do was started in Garberville, California is 1998 by Master Becky Wolverton (Rupp), then a 1st degree black belt with the World Tang Soo Do Association. Master Wolverton has since dedicated her life to teaching Tang Soo Do and women's self-defense. She is a 5th Degree Master Instructor and Regional Director of the World Tang Soo Do Association Region 1. Master Wolverton is the new chief instructor of Dragon Fire TSD in Fortuna, CA starting November 2020.



Our Mission

We strive to give our students the principles of the martial arts with increasing their self-confidence, focus, critical thinking, and goal achieving. Every student at every age is trained towards attaining black belt in their career. Hopefully they will continue through the higher ranks into Master one day.

Phone & Fax
433 Melville Rd.
Garberville, CA 95542